Our services

Digital business solutions integration
ERP and IERP, CRM, and more

Transition Industrial supports its clients in their business process improvement goals through the implementation of innovative products for enterprise digital resource planning (ERP, CRM, etc.). We support medium and large companies in the selection, implementation, and evolution of digital business solutions adapted to their current and future needs.

Process automation

Transition Industrial supports its clients in the optimization of recurring operations through process automation. Our IERP services and solutions simplify and automate repetitive tasks.

Agile integration

We are experienced in a multitude of database management systems, including ERP and CRM software packages. Our expertise in the agile integration of digital business solutions allows you to quickly reach your business goals and improve performance by applying information and making it useful at the right time.

Business and production process engineering

Transition Industrial supports its clients in the creation of customer-centric digital experiences.

Our expertise in business process management promotes the customer-centric digital experience through omnichannel management, a 360° customer experience, and optimized functions.

Transition Industrial delivers smart operations through business process management and technology services, and solutions that combine human capital, automated execution, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Digital processes (automated and enhanced workflows), omnichannel services (telephony, web technology, email, SMS, chat, connected and integrated social media, virtual assistants), intelligent automation (robotic process automation, smart automation, etc.), are all services we offer.

Full integration of value and supply chains

Transition Industrial supports its clients in the analysis, optimization, and digitization of value and supply chains.

As an innovation partner, we work closely with our clients to get a firm grasp on the specificities of their business and leverage their success and value in order to reach their transformation and profitability targets as quickly as possible.

The evolution of digital technologies within the smart industry is progressing at a steady pace. Our specialized experts help Transition Industrial’s clients optimize productivity and profitability at all stages of their value and supply chains through the use of digital technology and innovative solutions. Our goal is to translate your investment in value chain integration and supply chain management into added value that ensures a rapid return on investment.

Data management, analysis, and application

Transition Industrial helps its industrial clients collect, distribute, share, and analyze information to make better informed decisions based on real-time data and predictive analytics in order to increase their business value. We support our clients in analyzing their digital output and intelligence to leverage the data to create actionable insight.

Advanced analysis

Transition Industrial supports its clients in harnessing the power of data through advanced analytics and various data science techniques, such as machine learning, data mining, predictive analytics and geospatial intelligence. Our experts support our customers in their effort to become Industry 4.0 optimized through the contribution of advanced data analysis.

Automation and robotization

Transition Industrial supports its Industry 4.0 clients, allowing them to rely on the increased capacity of smart networking of supply and production facilities. Transition Industrial implements smart networking through human-machine collaboration. This allows for optimal collection, exchange, analysis, and decision-making in real time.

Smart automation

Smart automation refers to the intersection of robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Through AI integration, Transition Industrial supports its customers in smart automation to access unstructured information, including human conversations, as well as audio and video data, which are critical to end-to-end automation.

In the Industry 4.0 era, unstructured information accounts for 80 percent of all enterprise data. Transition Industrial allows these to be processed more quickly and efficiently, so that customers can benefit from significant productivity gains.


Custom development

Transition Industrial integrates the best solutions based on the specific needs of its customers. Whether it’s finance, human resources, operations, supplier follow-up, or marketing, our experts are able to assist you.

However, if no solution suits your needs, Transition Industrial knows how to adapt existing solutions or to develop a custom option based on your expectations and constraints. Our team is equally able to quickly implement customized solutions.

Our solutions are scalable and easily adaptable. Taking to a DevOps approach, we muster a multidisciplinary team who are independent and specialized in the delivery and implementation of developed, optimized, and adapted solutions. Our experts in the field will also support you in your approach to cloud solutions or development and IT security management.

Artificial intelligence and innovative technology

Transition Industrial supports its clients in emerging technologies. Our experts have leading-edge consulting expertise in the field of artificial intelligence and innovative technologies. Transition Industrial is able to deliver digital solutions in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and emerging technologies for its Industry 4.0 clients.

Transition Industrial’s expertise in emerging technologies also extends to cybersecurity consulting, hybrid and cloud IT, smart automation, advanced analytics, blockchain, and 5G.

Over the past few years, Transition Industrial has also developed solid expertise in the innovative technology of augmented reality. Adapted to the professional context, it allows to optimize the full potential of the administrative and operational processes of industries. It also pushes the envelope for communications and training within the company, among other things.

Knowledge transfer and application

Your knowledge is your greatest asset. We help you get the most out of your own information, grow its value and most importantly… make sure you hang onto it.

With passion and investment, you have developed rare knowledge that is worth immense value to your company. We help you to identify, formalize, and transmit this knowledge to your value chain quickly and efficiently. Above all, however, it prevents this precious data from being lost… discreetly… without benefiting from it.

Competitive companies need to identify, preserve, and pass on the knowledge they have acquired over time. Unfortunately, this information is rarely formalized, and is all to often left unspoken and based solely on the employee’s experience. In order to remedy this situation, Transition Industrial offers the solutions needed to identify rare knowledge, preserve it, ensure its durability, and transform it into valuable knowledge for the company.

Industry 4.0 IT outsourcing

Transition Industrial is able to offer its clients a full range of IT outsourcing services. This allows Industrial Transition’s industry customers to focus on their strategic business issues, accelerate their digital transformation, reduce management costs, optimize data security, and increase the efficiency of first, second, and third level technical support.

Transition Industrial offers its clients the opportunity to “get rid of some or all of the IT hassle” within their Industry 4.0 and focus instead on value-added activities.