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Founded in 2002, Transition Industrial boasts a team of experts specialized in the integration and convergence of information and operational technologies (IT/OT) for Industry 4.0. Our smart industry experts collaborate with existing teams around the world, whether in a low-digital environment or one where real-time connectivity is already established between production components. All this to optimize the value chain from an Industry 4.0 perspective. Transition Industrial is a key partner for companies looking to integrate smart information and operational technologies (IT/OT) into their functions. We can facilitate your digital shift or help improve your existing digital, automation, and robotic systems.

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New major contract

Transition Industrial landed a major contract to ensure the digital transformation of a major, internationally-renowned, heavy industrial equipment manufacturer whose mission is to offer its customers and partners innovative, value-creating solutions, in a safe and healthy environment. Transition Industrial’s team of experts began with the implementation of an integrated management solution allowing for the efficient […]

New resources available for businesses

Transition Industrial provides industrial companies with a multidisciplinary team of experts who excel in industrial innovation, smart industry, automation, and robotization. Transition Industrial’s technology development and support services are available worldwide and are tailored to fit companies looking to optimize their manufacturing processes, implement new technologies, and succeed in their digital transformation. To ensure a […]

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